‘Fantasies, for me, are the most admirable and powerful quality of human beings, and sometimes,

it’s the fantasies that made the reality, while in reality, we can fly our fantasies.’

That’s the beginning of a fantasy made reality, It all began with dreams and imaginations.


The slogan of KanaLili is ‘Créer les beautés, Create beauties.

Celebrating beauty, delicacy, art and fantasies through contemporary and enchanting approach,

Kanalili is a fashion label that offers a wide range of ladies clothing and accessories,

from Prêt-à-Porter to couture, providing a magical wardrobe that suits customers’ daily needs as well as memorable occasions.

For bridal session, KanaLili offers off the rack purchase as well as be-spoke and rental services to meet every brides' needs.


Kanalili demonstrates how a fairy’s closet is like;

one that comprises range of exquisite clothing.

Prêt-à-Porter that mixes classic style with fresh ideas,

reinventing timeless and refined beauty with delicate innovative cuts and one of the kind digital prints each season.

Bespoke service is also available upon request,

Dreamy bridal and evening wears that you would only see in movies and your dreams could be yours now by relatively

affordable price than tradition couture but as high quality.

The color of our signature gradation gowns can be chosen by our customers,

which can cope with the theme color of their wedding.


Brides-to-be can choose from our range of wedding gowns,

We provide bespoke, off the rack purchase as well as rental services.


Be-spoke Service sequence

Be-spoke service begins with the initial meeting with our designer,

during the meeting, the designer will listen to the customer’s needs and how their dream dress is like,

the customers can also try on the samples in the showroom to see how the dresses fits them.


Afterwards, the designer will take necessary measurements of the client.


After the first meeting, the designer will begin to work on the sketch and will send the sketch through email for the client for approval.

When the design had been finalized,

client will need to meet the designer again for the fabric approval.


After all the elements are approved, this is where the first payment is to be received.


The third meeting will begin with the mock-up of the dress,

clients will have to try on the mock-up and designer will make any necessary alternations to ensure perfect fit for the actual dress.

The forth time of meeting will be collecting the actual gown,

but clients can still request necessary alternations if needed.

Upon collection of the gown, full payment will be received.


The gown will be inserted in a custom embroidered garment bag and packed with our signature box or paper bag.

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